Super Affiliate System Review

Before we go deeper into this review, I’d like to highlight the good and bad things about this trending affiliate system.


  • Comprehensive training covering the basics you need to know to take off.
  • Access to an online forum and get in touch with experienced affiliates


  • To be honest, it’s not really something you can consider a downside because your website will be optimized for SEO purposes.

Well enough of this general idea of the system and let’s dive into more detailed ones.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 – A More Detailed look

Welcome my dear followers to my straightforward Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review. I know a lot of reviews you can find online when you search for this system, the author John Crestani and JM Setset will be coming from wealthy affiliate members.

Most of these members are trashing the said system because of their personal agenda. Whatever they are doing is mainly to generate income through commissions from none other than people like you.

Let’s not focus on them as they are out of the topic. Instead, let us move on to the main reason why you’re here – get a closer look at what this Super Affiliate System by John Crestani can do for you.

I just received the most recent access to this Super Affiliate System from John Crastani and I can’t help but to get impressed by the progress it’s making.

Through the Google Ad training (shared by John, of course), I started getting great conversions by just simply implementing this on my lower-priced products. Everything was done smoothly and efficiently with John’s system.

I decided to utilize Paid Traffic after I reviewed Kartel. This is also a low priced training I discovered online.

With the use of Kartel and Google Ad training by John, I started winning Affiliate contests ( you can look into my thorough review of Kartel to know more).

After completing my review on these two products, I could firmly say that the Super Affiliate System created by John works better than Kartel. However, for the sake of transparency, I also want you to see how Kartel contributed to taking my income generation to the next level.

Enough of this cheap product Kartel and let’s go through my in-depth review of Super Affiliate System 3.0.

As mentioned above, this system by John contains a lot of information that could possibly overwhelm beginners and even experienced affiliates, but this is far from happening. John organized and set up everything to ensure every aspect is delivered well and clear. He made sure that all videos and instructions included will be completed and understood by members.

One thing that my new members, Facebook group, and direct students failed to realize is the importance of going through each training. Like the typical learners, they often skip some part or at times, the entire video because they don’t think it’s essential.

Believe it or not, going through the entire Super Affiliate System will never be boring or difficult because you will feel guided every step of the way. The feeling that the person who created and organized everything is the one unfolding the things you can learn.

You will even have access to a weekly Question and Answer and an IM Jet Set forum where you can ask questions and raise your concerns. This again is to make sure that you are updated and well versed in what’s happening around you.

Super Affiliate System Review

Basic introduction, website, and pre-selling page set up paid traffic from Facebook, Youtube, and Google is just some of the things you can utilize with Super Affiliate System. These are all very vital in making Affiliate Sales and generating income pronto.

I am getting drawn into paid traffic these days because of how it impacts my own earning. And I am pretty sure that if you happen to partner with the perfect campaign with excellent setup, things can even be better. This concept is just one of the ideas you can learn from the Super Affiliate System.

To further persuade you of how magnificent this system is, I included the members’ area and IM Jet Set Forum in my Super Affiliate System review video. But if you’re not into visuals and can’t stand Youtube videos then read on. I’ve listed down the basic principles here.

Super Affiliate System Review

Everything you need to know was clearly discussed and John did not stop with that. He made sure that you know the process to build your business and you’re guided all throughout.

The most basic thing you need to set up is your website and pre-sell page like this where you will direct your traffic. Facebook and Google would work more efficiently with these than an affiliate link.

The training videos are drafted to capture the members’ full attention. Each would last less than 30 minutes so getting bored or sleepy is out of the picture. Jack knows obviously that one can stay focused on watching a two-hour video training in one go.

From the start, I was very particular with the use of Paid Traffic and how this boosted the income generation of John and all other Super Affiliate members.

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, paid traffic will cost you money but this is not a concern when you’re working with John. In the Super Affiliate System, you get to avail 800 dollars worth of coupons upon starting. Why do I exactly mean by this?

As a member, you will get “Google Adword coupons” to help you get started. If you’re not aware of this, then, by all means, google it to further get acquainted with the term. If it would help, do it using your native language to get raw answers.

But mind you, this is not something you should focus on first. Again, John encourages you to journey with the whole process and not simply jump to the final steps.

Super Affiliate System Review

Everything you need to learn is organized in a very detailed way. It’s like you’ve enrolled yourself into a specific major in school but with a major twist. The fact that you’re enjoying great freedom while learning the steps to build your own business is a totally different story.

The Super Affiliate System will teach you the step by step process, from the creation of your audience, doing split testing, knowing different forms of ads up to the ways of how to retarget traffic.

The list of what this system can do for you can go on and we can spend the entire day talking about them but I want you to see it for yourself so I decided to attach one free training as reference. When you go through it, you will realize why this coaching, training, and interactive forums are worth your time and money.

Trust me, this is nothing similar to any cheap product you see online. In fact, it could be the only system you need to start your business and take off.

Now let’s take a quick look at all the things you get to enjoy with the Super Affiliate System!

  • Question and Answer per week.
  • A one of a kind paid traffic training, oozing with beneficial details. Something I haven’t seen before.
  • 6 weeks of intense Education (step by step).
  • Access to Done for You Materials ( presell pages, coupons for paid traffic, Ad swipes, etc)
  • Quick assistance through an active forum where you can interact, ask assistance, and collaborate with other members round the clock.
  • Getting the highest paying and converting affiliates.
  • User-friendly videos that come with subtitles in different languages.
  • The opportunity to work with John and learn from the best teacher – that is surely a once in a lifetime chance.


Usually, at this point in my product review, I would give away some awesome bonuses on top of the course of the Super Affiliate System Discount and perks you get from the main product. But I think it would do you more good if you check the details below.

I may have personally done things differently as I generate more income from SEO utilization for ranking websites, I would still encourage starters to pick something more detailed.

And if you’re convinced that getting the Super Affiliate System will be the best for you to start and grow your business, then I highly suggest that you do that through my site. You will not only enjoy the Super Affiliate System bonus but will be given the rare chance of using my methods to further stabilize your income generation. I will be here to help you every step of the way. You can direct to me any questions you have and I’ll make sure you get the answers in no time.

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