Project Profit Academy Review

Welcome to my Project Profit Academy Review.

This project is the front – runner product of Brendan Mace, where he discussed in detail all the possible ways of making money over the net.

I am currently a part of Project Profit Academy and have attended all of the training myself.  

Check my thorough Project Profit Academy Review video below and know more about the excellent custom bonus available for you. 

So here is my opinion about this project. 

Unlike the usual reviews that I do, this one would be a little distinctive. 

Wanna know why? 

Considering the fact that I am a legit part of Project Profit Academy, I can only provide you with facts and facts alone.  

But before I go on, I would like to set your expectations as early as now. 

I may sound a little biased on my opinions about this product as my family, and I have experienced a total change in our way of living solely because Project Profit Academy generated a significant amount of income for me. 

But whatever the situation is, I am going to give my best shot to provide an honest and thorough review of this product, covering both the good and the wrong side of it. Well, I am still thinking of any unattractive side to write, though, as I cannot think of any at the moment, but I want to sound a little bit dramatic.

Shall we start?

There are three different sections in Project Profit Academy.

Affiliate Academy 

This section is undoubtedly worth the price you’ll pay for admission. 

Affiliate Academy section will guide you in learning how to generate $10,000 monthly just by handling affiliate promotions. 

I’ve included a screenshot showing the exact things you will see in a member’s area. 

Project Profit Academy Review

I’ve included a screenshot showing the exact things you will see in a member’s area.

This section is fully loaded with golden nuggets, sensational affiliate secrets, and ready-made materials that are entirely precious and pricey.

Now, scroll up to the screenshot I provided above. Notice that “Download My Follow – up Series” link?

With one simple click on that download option, you will immediately get access to 243 days worth of ready to use emails, which are proven to produce high income.

All you need to do is to get them inside your AWEber or any type of ESP you use at the moment, then copy and paste your affiliate links inside, and get on with it!

Do I need to emphasize how ENORMOUS this project is?

You may want to check other Email Service Provider like Sendiio in case you do not use AWeber presently, as this can be exactly what you’re looking for.

Another thing you get to enjoy when you decide to become a Project Profit Academy member is a ready-made landing page, which is TESTED and PROVEN to increase your conversion up to 50%.

This is definitely an outstanding resource you shouldn’t miss.

So instead of you wasting your time, effort, and money going through and trying all landing pages online, you’re able to send your request for a proven landing page installation.

Yes, that’s right. Just provide Brendan’s Team your login details, and they will take care of the rest. In a short time, you’ll have your own proven to convert landing page, installed, and activated.

Just because of this specific feature, I was able to get an increase of $10k.

Note: There is nothing to worry about if you’re using leadpages or insta builders in building your page because you can still avail of the offer and ask Brendan’s Team to assist you with the installation. However, if you’re looking for a vigorous option, you may want to look into my Convertri review.

Knowing how to become a sensational affiliate, earning roughly $10000+ per month through affiliate marketing is just one of the things you’ll learn as a PPA member.

I think this is the most efficient way to start, only if you focus on utilizing affiliate marketing until you go beyond the $10k benchmark monthly.

Below is a screenshot of some of my earnings through affiliate marketing, specifically from one of my accounts.

Project Profit Academy Review

As you can see above, there are days where I only get $100+ and days where I get as much as $300k – $1000; thus, it’s safe to say that earnings vary from day to day.

But don’t forget that the data you’re seeing is solely from ONE of my accounts (I have multiple one, by the way) and solely from affiliate marketing.

In all honesty, It didn’t really cross my mind that I would have this opportunity to earn as much as this online.

I didn’t really think it’s possible to earn this much!

I was a failing student in High School (was able to get GED and finish college later though), newbie when it comes to technology, and definitely clueless of ways to earn money over the net. What’s even worse is, I don’t know anything about creating a website, how email list works, and other things related to that.

To be honest, I don’t have a tiny idea of affiliate marketing and how it does the trick.

So maybe you’re even in a better state now compared to the time when I was just starting.

Before we move on to the next section of PPA, I want to be very clear and straightforward that affiliate marketing is your most accessible way to generate money online. This is the highly suggested section within the Project Profit Academy for a newbie like you until you hit that $10000 earning benchmark per day.

Let’s dive into the next section of PPA called Launch Academy.

Launch Academy

Simply, this is information worth $1k per hour that people pay Brendan Mace for on a private consultation call.

A lot of big names online such as Jeff Walker, Frank Kern or even the guys from Digital Marketer have introduced the idea of product launching, and I am pretty sure you’ve heard of it. It may sound a little complicated, but mind you, it’s not that complex as you think it is.

I again used the substantial information I got from Launch Academy to generate over $200k income right at the time I am writing this Project Profit Academy Review.

I don’t really like talking about huge numbers amounting to $200k like the one I mentioned above, mainly if not all people have managed or earned such money online, as it’s totally unrelatable. I was frank that I was a total skeptic on making $10k online every month though I know some people had made this possible and funny it may sound, I really thought they might have special skills or a genius mind to make things work for them.

By the way, in case you still have doubts in mind, and you wanted to see more proofs, feel free to send me an email at, and I’ll be more than happy to walk you through this whole process.

It’s not biased, or anything but PPA turned not just mine but my family’s life 180 degrees, thus I only have positive things to write on this review of Project Profit Academy.

I attached another member’s area screenshot for your reference.

Project Profit Academy Review

Brendan Mace has been very vocal about how launching digital products generated him tons of money online.

As a matter of fact, Brendan makes around $80k for an average digital product launch.

I know it’s a little bit overwhelming for you, and it’s reasonable to conclude that launching digital products may not be ideal for you – but destined for others.

Well, my thoughts exactly when I was starting to launch a digital product online.

Here is another fantastic advantage of PPA:

As an active affiliate of Project Profit Academy, Brendan Mace will do the launching of the digital product with you and make sure you both share the leads and the money of the buyer. Isn’t that great?

Indeed, this is one of the advantageous and effortless ways to start your adventure and generate money, pronto.

Do you think as an active learner, I did not take Brendan up for this?

You bet, I did!

Check the screenshot below of the earnings I generated when I decided to launch a product with Brendan.

Clearly, the image above shows that I earned $5,712.99 and accumulated an additional of 2,719 buyer leads to my email list.

Isn’t that an instant cash bonanza?

But, the screenshot attached above doesn’t show another thing that Brendan is running for us – it’s called “backend webinar”.

This is the real money maker, and you’ll know more of this if you explore within PPA.

When people visit to buy the product, they are spontaneously directed to a webinar where there’s a high – ticket product sold (33% of which I made myself).

Would you believe that I earned $5,000 from this backend webby alone?

Now, let me walk you through on how to get this amount yourself.

Are you ready to know?


Do you realize that you don’t have to do anything at all, and that’s one great benefit of being a member of Project Profit Academy? Brendan will do the work himself, including running a high – ticket backend webinar for you and get you commissions while you do absolutely nothing.

As of this writing, this definitely is the smoothest way I’ve generated income on the internet.

It’s basically using your thinking skills and avoiding complicated steps to get things done quickly.

$5,000 is equivalent to 2 months of hard work in my daily jobs, and I am pretty you realize how exaggerating it is to see that on your account at the start of your day.

I still have the feels, and it makes me beam.

The screenshot attached below is what you will see in a member’s area inside the expert’s academy. If you take a closer look, you will realize that you have an option to run your own webinar, and Brendan can also guide you with the steps. Still, I would advise you to take advantage of the benefit you get as a student and let him run webinars on your behalf.

It may look a bit challenging for you, but in reality, Project Profit Academy has the most straightforward game plan within to help you launch your first digital product online.

I used the same layout myself and generated as much as $20k on my first digital product launch.

You see, I earned $21,077.74 right after I launched my first ever digital product online.

Well, of course, half of it went to the affiliates, but getting $10k as a profit isn’t that bad, right?

This could only mean that you get 5x the price you pay to buy Project Profit Academy, in just one go.

Considering the fact that I am a member of PPA, Brendan also ran a high – ticket webby bonus for me, which generated $10k earning. (I am pretty sure I did talk about it in the early part of this review).

Again, the best part of it is that I am required to do absolutely NOTHING, and I get that $10k smoothly.

Brendan took care of everything on my behalf, and you’ll get the same kind of benefit as a member of Project Profit Academy.

This is certainly GIGANTIC.

Project Profit Academy Funnels

This section of PPA is precious as gold.

As a Project Profit Academy member, you also have an option to promote any or even the entire list of Brendan’s product and get 100% commission of the whole funnel all for yourself.

Is that even possible? You better see the screenshot below to get the answers.

Project Profit Academy Review

Do I need to emphasize how great this offer is? (considering the fact that I continuously profit on this one from today).

This could only mean that Brendan Mace exerted so much effort to develop a collection of products that converts exceptionally well online. He also started creating software like Aurora, Atomic DFY, and Eclipse, to name a few. Good news, as an affiliate, you’re also able to promote these and keep 100% of your commission.

But wait, there’s more. Because you are a member of Project Profit Academy, you can also promote and even sell these products as your own and keep all the money for yourself.

This is extremely HUGE!

Zero Hour Elite (FREE Lifetime Membership)

Yes! This is another Project Profit Academy Bonus for you!

You get LIFETIME access to Zero Hour Elite as a member of PPA.

Project Profit Academy Review

This simply means that you have access to all emails that Brendan Mace writes and uses in His affiliate and personal campaigns.

There is more to that.

You are licensed to utilize these emails in your own marketing, and that is all because you are a member of Project Profit Academy.

Try to imagine that for a bit.

Just by simply being a member of PPA, you get the chance to use all the resources that specifically made Brendan Mace earn as much as $70k to $200k per month online. (Totally Amazing!)

You can do minor revisions or even pop in the same thing in your affiliate links and get started.

Literally a piece of cake for you!


In this specific section of Project Profit Academy, you get access to Brendan’s marvelous team.
You don’t have to worry about anything at all, as you can get someone from his team to do the job for you. Just open Rolodex and pick one from Brendan’s All-star team to get something done on your behalf.

Brendan is very vocal of how his team contributed to his success online, and as a member of PPA, you get to utilize these bunch of talented people to make things work for your advantage too.

Expert Academy

On this part, I wanted to further discuss the newest and the last section of my Project Profit Academy review (not to mention my favorite part, too)

This section is very crucial and compelling as this includes confidential information, helpful tricks, and best strategies revealed by Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong, to help you increase your online profits.

I guess by now; you pretty sure know that PPA will cost you quite an amount of money, but the inclusions that awaits you inside is more than enough proof to figure out why you’re paying a premium.

Come to think of it, you have a fantastic opportunity learning and working with a great bunch of people who are making a huge amount of earnings online and the chance to live your life exactly the way you want it to be.

Would you believe that they can give you a “shortcut” and get you to that thriving life in just a short amount of time?

Believe it or not, they can.

The reason is straightforward. They can get you that cash instantly because you wouldn’t have to deal with some trial and error pains as they already handled that for you. You need to welcome and learn the strategies to get the ball rolling and start making money online.

$1997 is undoubtedly a steal if you come to think about the blueprint (with large inclusions) you can get as a member and the $10k+ you can make per month.

We are talking about $120,000 yearly earning.

I am still astounded by the idea that some people can shed a massive amount of money for speculative and uncertain investments but act as if they’re broke and can’t afford to pay for online education.

Here’s the thing:

Living a “Laptop Lifestyle” is never cheap.

Surely, tips and tricks are always available online.

But the question is, would it be enough to make things work? If you want to get the whole thing working, you’ve got to spend money, period.

If it’s still not clear to you, let me do a little bit of explaining for you to understand better what I meant ( I certainly feel you as I also had the same thoughts initially bud had to do a lot of thinking before I finally hit that $10k benchmark per month).

The creators of PPA, Brendan Mace, and Jono Armstrong each generate around $50k to $100k monthly.

Yes, you’re reading it right.

And the best part is, they get to earn that huge amount of money while traveling to different places around the world, spending quality time with their loved ones and living life with total freedom.

How would that kind of lifestyle mean to you?

Project Profit Academy Review

You can look at the image above and think one of these two options:

Option #1: Keep feeding yourself with some excuses such as “This wouldn’t work” or “It’s too impossible for a newbie like me” and all other things you can think of to limit yourself from taking a risk on this one of a kind offer.

Option #2: Look at the other side of the coin and encourage yourself that this could also happen to you. I let this one inspire me and look where I am now. I am presently earning $4,200+ monthly, but I know with a little push, I will be able to make as much as them, and it would drastically change my life for the better.

I migrated to a foreign country to be with my ex-girlfriend (now my wife), and I was looking for a way to earn a living for myself. To be honest, I was contented with making $100 daily.

A tremendous change started to happen when I got my first $100 per day.

I had this realization that this is not as difficult as I imagined it to be. That if I only break this mental barrier, I can make the impossible, possible. I can really do this if I only put everything to it.

I currently earn between $400 to $700 per day. I am talking about an average of course as the earning varies daily.

The greatest thing about all of these is the fact that I get to live a life with absolute freedom.

I can be in any place if I want to, sleep if I need to, and work without pressure.

I can live life with my own terms, be a husband to my wife, and an always-available father to my children.

This is undoubtedly a beautiful life for a simple guy like me.

What I learned from all of these is the fact that everybody is capable of making things happen. If a guy like me who hasn’t even had a deep understanding of technology or unique skills to boast can do it, you can, without any doubt, do it too.

If you end up deciding to commit and take a risk with Project Profit Academy and might want to grab this one from this review page, then I am happy to give you 100% access to some of my exclusive bonuses as well.

You will also get the Project Profit Academy discount and bonuses mentioned by Brendan Mace on the workshop – these are just extra perks for you.

Important Note: To be entitled to my bonuses, you must click through and buy Project Profit Academy through one of the links provided on this page. Please send your receipt and transaction ID as proof of purchase to and claim your bonuses.

I am really hoping that you were enlightened, and you enjoyed reading my Project Profit Academy review. If you still have questions on how this works, please leave them in the comment box below.

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