Can One Review Source send me notifications about the latest products reviewed on their site?

At the moment, we are working at giving the best reviews on our site. This means that we may be dealing with hundreds of products that may not appeal or address any of our needs. In order to create some balance, you can indicate if you don’t mind getting all the product reviews by sending us a mail and we will be quick to delivering all you want to your mailbox in real time.

Can I sue a company that under-delivers based on the review of a given product feature on your site?

We do not hold the license to serve as a government regulatory body so you may not use what you find on our site for legal processes. At best, the information on our site can guide you in making an informed decision when making a purchase.

How can I write about my product experience on your site?

We have a system that allows us to pull the various experiences that users have on various products on our platform. This means that you can write us about your product experience and we can use it as a feedback channel for those who might be interested in knowing more about a given product.

Does each of the review carry the best possible price that I can get a product?

We consistently carry out research in order to know the best price of a product at a given time. However, there may be an upward or downward swing which can influence the price of the product. We can state that any price listed on our site is certainly the best possible price you can get the product at the time of review.

Who are those that carry out the review?

Our team is made up of consumer trend experts, professionals and others who hold relevant experience for a given market. We ensure that there is no affiliation between the person making the review and the company that is manufacturing the product. We do this in order to stop any form of manipulation in the facts that are presented to our site visitors.

Can I get a refund from you if something goes wrong on a product I purchased based on your review?

We do not issue refund on any product as we only serve as advisors to a wide range of users on various products listed on our platform.